CAT And Other MBA Entance Preparation

CAT is concerned to be one of the toughest exams in India, but if you look at syllabus; its barely class 10th level maths and english. Then why this contradiction.

Its because of the way we look at the exam. Most of us think, its testing us on our maths ans english skills. And thats right they are, but the prime objective is something else and thats where we are being tested. In the long run whoever is an MBA aspirant becomes a manager, and thus CAT tests us on our managerial skills.

We have a question paper which is basically a problem set and a designated time. Now the task is to get the best output in that time. Noone asks you to solve all the questions or some particular questions, the only motive is to get the best score possible which is analogous to managing the paper best. And this is what an aspirant has to learn.